Friday, December 19, 2008

Time Flies

I can't believe how fast these two are growing up. I just wanted to do a little update on my two little guys. This is Dax at 22 months, he weighs 25.8 lbs and is 34 inches tall. He is such a tease and has the cheesiest smile you've ever seen. He is the oldest by a whole minute and even though he's a little smaller you can definately tell he's the older brother.

This is Trex and he weighs 28 lbs. and is 34 1/2 inches tall. If I had to describe him in one word it would be "sweet". He loves to play with balls and he tries to be just like his older brother. He's definately the baby of the family.

They are both into everything you can imagine right now but I love watching them interact and grow up. In alot of ways having two is actually easier than one but, and I think most moms know, there are just those days when you feel like you're one step behind and those are the ones that really get me. Like the other day I put these two in the bath and started laying out their clothes on the bed, when I walked back in they had the toilet bowl cleaner and plunger in the tub with them....SO GROSS... so I got them up rinsed them off and got them out of the bath and I cleaned out the tub and then I walk into the kitchen and find that Trexton has pooped on the floor and is trying to sweep it up with the broom. AHHH so I grab both of them put diapers on them and move on to cleaning up that discusting mess. While I'm doing that they move into the living room and throw all the cushions off the couch and are jumping off the couch onto the cushions laughing. I think, "this isn't too bad"..and I put the cushions back on the couch, but while I'm doing that, Dax wanders into the kitchen and pulls an entire bag of lucky charms off the counter and onto the floor that I just finished mopping. That's when my mom calls and asks "Watcha doin?"...The saddest part is that if she hadn't called, I wouldn't have even thought twice about my day. But, even on days like this I love having them around.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hunting 08'

I just thought I would post a few pictures, as you can see we got pretty lucky this year. I didn't realize how small these Coues deer are compared to Mule deer. I was feeling pretty proud of mine until Nate showed up the next day with this "Monster" as they call it, I guess my glory days were short lived.... Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I got to go. Thanks to my mother-in-law for coming to babysit so I could go!

I don't think I'll be forgetting this hunting trip anytime soon. After we shot these two deer Nate, Daniel, and Gunner hiked down the mountain to get them and I stayed up top with the binocculars to lead them to the deer. Well, it started to get dark so I hiked down to the spot where I was supposed to meet up with them to hike back to the Artic Cat. When I got there I called Nate on the radio and told him I was there and he said it was going to take a couple of hours so I better find a comfortable spot. I started to sit down right where I was but I heard something. Then Daniel calls me on the radio and says if I start to get scared to start singing Primary songs. I figured the noises I kept hearing must be them trying to scare me, so I hiked down a little ways and hid in a bush. I kept hearing noises so after a little while I cocked my gun hoping this would end their little joke. Well, I must have heard something real close because all of the sudden I jumped up and turned around to see an outline of an animal less than 10 feet away. I knew it was too big, but I was really hoping it was a coyote. Sure enough it turned to look at me and I could see it's cat face, I had a little of that "Life flashed before my eyes" thing happen and I honestly didn't think I was going to walk away from it. My legs froze, I couldn't remember if I had left the bullet in the hole or if I was going to need to cock my gun, but I did know that I only had one bullet. I didn't know if I would be fast enough or if I could even hit it. It's a little harder to shoot a rifle at something that close than it is to shoot a deer 300 yards away let alone the fact that it might be on top of you before you get your gun up. Anyway, it didn't move eithor, we just stared at each other for about 10 seconds that seemed like forever and then it turned and walked away. I called Nate on the radio, let a few words slip that don't usually come out of my mouth, and he grabbed his pack with just about a whole deer in it, and ran up the hill to save me....30 minutes away!! So I stayed right where I was because the only bush to put my back up against was the one with my back already to the Mountain Lion and I wasn't going to sit there again. Instead, I did circles with my little green light, trying to see eyes flash. I could still hear it out there every once in a while so I have to say that 30 minutes was like 24 hours, I guess I'm just lucky it wasn't that hungry!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Shelbi was a Zombie Cheerleader, Harlee was a butterfly princess, and the boys were GI Joes. (although Colleen thought they looked more like Ninja Turtles).

Here's Harlee dancing with the skeleton...I actually caught her talking to it a few times while we were there.

All this guy cared about was the candy!

The kids had a blast trick or treating with all their cousins.

I thought this picture was cute of the boys taking care of each other.

Nate took the kids on train rides the next day when the line wasn't quite so long.

I'm not sure who had more fun...Nate or the kids!
Harlee and the boys had fun feeding the chickens at grammie's.
The boys lasted a few minutes on the horse. Shelbi actually fell off after this but I didn't get a picture...good thing it wasn't far to fall.
Granpa Steve gave the kids a four wheeler ride afterwards...I'm not sure how many times he circled the yard but the boys loved it!
Anyway, it was a pretty fun weekend and I'm glad Nate let me drag everybody up there for Halloween.

Shelbi's Piano recital

Shelbi had her first piano recital. It was at a retirement home. She played "Halloween Fun" and they had to wear their halloween costumes. Shelbi was a Zombie Cheerleader this year but we didn't paint her face for the recital. It was hard to get any pictures from where we were sitting so Nate took this one outside afterwards. Nice cheerleader.

Here she is playing her song. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the look on her face just before she started playing..she was so nervous, but she did great!

Did you say Dingleberry?

Tiff and I went to the zoo the other day. The kids had a blast seeing all the animals and playing in the water park. Here are a couple of pictures.

Any one that knows Tiffany knows that you can't go anywhere in public with her, without getting imbearassed at least once. Sure enough when we were looking at the baboons she started explaining to all the kids how they have hands just like we do and just then one got up and turned around and Tiffany was like, "look at those dingleberries!". Of course one of the kids asked, "What's a "dingleberry"?" So Tiffany starts explaining exactly what "dingleberries" are without even noticing that there was an extra kid sitting there. I turned around and sure enough the extra little girls parents are standing right behind us. They were like, "Hannah time to go!" right in the middle of Tiff's detailed explaination of the "dingleberry". You should have seen the look on Tiffany's face when she realized that there was an extra little girl sitting there. It was hilarious!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Unexpected Guest

My mom came down the other day and she opened the front door to this while she was here. All the girls were running around screaming and Nate is out there trying to catch it while Mike took pictures.

It's funny, the other day I said that I had never seen one out here and since then I have seen three! Now I just can't get away from these things. My poor mom... I told her a story about Trexton reaching down and trying to pick up a scorpian in his room the other day (luckily I had wipes in my hand already so I swiped it out from under his hand just before he got it!) and then she comes down and this happens...I think she's ready for us to move. It's pretty funny how much excitement a LITTLE spider can cause.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Like father like son

We like to tease Nate a little about his obsession with mowing the lawn. You know how when you go out of town and you have to have your dishes done and your trash taken out...Well Nate has to have the lawn mowed before we leave! When we were landscaping our lawn they told us about this curbing that has a mowers edge on it so you don't have to weed eat...Nate was like "but I like weed eating" No Joke, that's exactly what he said! Yeah, we ended up with the regular curbing, same price I might add. Anyway I couldn't resist grabbing my camera when I saw this going on. So cute he's got a little MOW BUDDY.

Dax's wheels would get stuck so he would just pick the whole thing up and start running to keep up with Nate.

If you need any professional lawn mowing services give this little guy a call!